Heavy Duty Mowing, Mulching and Land Clearing

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Posted by Tedd on February 8, 2014




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Posted by Tedd on May 3, 2012


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New Equipment

Posted by Tedd on March 7, 2010

We have added a new 2010 Takeuchi TL250 compact track loader.  A low ground pressure machine capable of mowing light to heavy brush, saplings up to 8 inches in diameter.

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Fall 2009 Jobs

Posted by Tedd on March 7, 2010

Scrub oak mowing with the Daewoo and Denis Cimaf.

We mowed about 20 acres here,


140 acres of bush hogging / field mowing.

A wet field area with patches of Alder and Aspen saplings.  We waited until the area froze before we could mow it.


Wildlife Habitat / Field Restoration



Larger trees we start from the top and work down.

and mulch/chip it down.

flush with the ground and then process the branches.


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The first week cutting with the Denis Cimaf

Posted by Tedd on June 27, 2009

A few pictures of work this week, .  This is a 7 acre field one mile off the road, I am using my skid steer as a fuel and tool carrier.  I have a 10.5 acre field to do next a little farther down the woods road.












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New Equipment – Daewoo 175 LC-V with Denis Cimaf head

Posted by Tedd on June 16, 2009

I have been building up this Daewoo 175 LC-V and Denis Cimaf cutting head for the past few weeks.  It main use will be larger jobs and will be heading to Greenfield, MA for 20 acres of hardwoods in the 5 to 14 inch range.   The Denis Cimaf head is of the highest quality workmanship and built to last.  Gilles Denis came down from Quebec today to finalize set up and adjust the hydraulic flows and pressures.  During the set up I cut a few hardwood trees that were 12 inches in diameter and over 50 feet tall…reduced to chips in a few quick minutes.

Gilles testing her out.


The end of the day one happy customer and a very smart Gilles Denis (left)


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A “Backyard” job

Posted by Tedd on June 8, 2009

Many of my jobs are what I refer to as “backyard” jobs since that is how they are accessed.  We mowed an acre of small saplings, mostly crab apple in the 1 to 2 inch size.  The desired finish was as clean as possible so after a quick mow we adjusted the angle of the head to engage the soil and remove the rest of the roots. 


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More Steep Terrain…almost done.

Posted by Tedd on May 24, 2009

Please remember this is a wildlife project and the spec is for low stumps and nothing left above 12″ after finished.  This promotes areas for bird and animals to hide and nest.  It also will attract bugs that will feed on the rotting wood which become food for birds and other critters.  For most jobs we grind everything  to a much finer mulch.

I used the Mustang excavator for the steep terrain the skid steer could not climb.  It is much slower but it was my only option on certain sections.



I never get tired of the view.


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Long Lunch Breaks

Posted by Tedd on May 16, 2009

Working on 46 acres of old blueberry fields.

A view like this means long luch breaks enjoying the view. Sorry, these pictures are from my phone.



Some steep terrain leading up to the top of the field.


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175 acres of grassland bird habitat mowing

Posted by Tedd on January 12, 2009


Not a lot of good pictures of this job as it was raining for most of it. 

Finishing up one of the 25 acre fields. 





A view from the highest point, all the fields below have been mowed and the little yellow dot is a skid steer mower cleaning up a wet area that the tractor could not get through.


This buck was chasing some does around on Saturday morning…it’s always great to see wildlife while working.


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