Heavy Duty Mowing, Mulching and Land Clearing

Some projects from the last few weeks.

Posted by Tedd on April 10, 2007

This is an orchard I spent two months pruning this winter.  I piled all the cuttings and mulched them, I also did some clean up around the edges to return the orchard to the size it was in the past.  The areas were mostly Sumac, Wild Rose and Cherry. 

Before and after, actually during as I was not quite finished yet.



The machine is an ASV with a Fecon Bull Hog attachment.  It has the ability to fall and grind up trees.  It can take up to an 8″ hardwood and 12″+ softwood but the idea project is trees up to 5″-6″, it also is very productive in wild rose and vine covered areas.



I started this job on Thursday April 5th.  I only put in two half days as the surveyors were still working staking out the road.  On Friday afternoon I broke a hydraulic line and had to quit a little early.

I have been cleaning up all the smaller trees with the ASV and mulch head before I take out the chainsaw, the first 300 feet was all small. 

This picture is from the cul-de-sac end of the road, I was just starting.




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