Heavy Duty Mowing, Mulching and Land Clearing



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1 to 1000 Acres 

 Brush Mowing – Forestry Mowing – Field Mowing

Field Restoration – Wildlife Habitat 

 Invasive Species Removal

NRCS WHIP Projects

Early Succesional Habitat Creation

Woods Grooming & Thinning

Complete Land Clearing

Right of Way Maintenance

Stump Removal & Grubbing

Serving New England & New York 

Office (860) 413-9974  Cell (860) 402-6177 


The Equipment:

Daewoo 175 with Denis Cimaf chipper head

Capable of mowing/grinding

Hardwood trees to 15 inches in diameter.

Also dirt work including excavating and stumping.



ASV RC100 with Fecon Mulch head

Heavy brush, briars and trees to 6 inches

in diameter.  Six feet wide, low ground pressure

excellent in mature woods for grooming and thinning.

Small to large acreage brush mowing. 


ASV RC 100 with Ammbusher rotary mower

Light to heavy brush, trees to 5 inches in diameter.


ASV RC 100 with Bradco rotary mower

Field grasses, weeds and light brush 



Takeuchi TL250

All mowing attachments above.



New Holland tractor and 15 foot wide Bush Hog

Medium to large acreage field mowing,

capable of cutting light brush.

McLeans-NH 001


 Bradco root rake grapple

Excelent for raking mowed area to remove stumps

and debris.  Moving logs and rocks, rough grading.


Mustang 6003 compact excavator

Brush mowing banks, around rock walls and tight areas.

Capable of mowing 3 inch diameter hardwood,

very good in briars and light brush.  Dirt work including

stumping, grading and excavating.



6 Responses to “About”

  1. Enjoyed the detailed before & after pictures! Great looking informative site!

  2. scott said

    nice work and very good pic’s

  3. TF Admin said

    Very interesting and cool website! I wish you were much closer because you would not believe how much work I have for you. Thanks for registering on Tractor Forum! It would be GREAT if you would post more information about what you do, how it is done, and the particulars involved especially with wildlife preservation and enhancement. Best of luck with your business!


  4. Good job by the look of it.

  5. Jenn Sears said

    Hello, I’m a student at the university of massachusetts and I am writing a business plan and was curious if you could answer a few questions for me. I was wondering how long it would take your company to clear a 150 by 120 foot lot of the large trees and brush. Also I was curious how much this would cost. I understand that every lot is different so you would really have to see the property but this is only a made up sinario since it is for a class project so any rough estimate would be beneficial. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, I appreciate it greatly.

    • Tedd said

      Hi Jenn,

      That’s a pretty small area (less than .5 acres). A normal per acre cost is ~ $1800-$2500 on larger tracts but with it’s small size it would probably be around….$3000. You either have transportation cost for larger equipment (not needed for .5 acres) or the extra cost of hand cutting all trees and moving with small equipment (skid steer/grapple). You may find a landscape company with lower overhead to do even cheaper, maybe down to the $2500. Other factors: if there is really good merchantable wood (large clean Oak, Hard maple, Cherry) this may reduce the cost.
      Removal of wood chips costs extra and this does not include pulling stumps and removal of such.
      Hope this helps.
      check us out on facebook:
      any more question, please ask.

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